Sharing Symposium Sentiments:

Robin K. - Attendee & Pet Parent:  "This was an awesome event.. very informative and had a blast meeting everyone and expanding my mind to help my fur babies. Can't wait for the 3rd annual :)"
Sheila C. - Professional Pet Sitter & Pet Parent:  "Had the greatest time today. Thanks so much Lori Genstein for putting on such an informative, fun event. The speakers were amazing, and I learned so much. Looking forward to next year already.  smile emoticon"

Judy E. - Animal Welfare Hero & Pet Parent:   "Thanks Lori- you did a great job - as did your presenters"

Renee S. - Attendee & Was a Soon-to-be Pet Parent:  "Hi Lori, My husband and I attended the House Paws Symposium that you organized and wanted to let you know it was very informative, enjoyable and professionally done. At the time my husband and I were awaiting the arrival of our new puppy and wanted to learn all the latest things about raising a dog. The vaccination lecture, food lecture and all the vendors there, including yourself, gave us a great start for being prepared for our little guy! Thanks so much!"

Vicky G. - Attendee & Pet Parent:  "Hi Lori, the story I wanted to tell you was about a big scare I had with Booker, although it’s going to be a little gross so sorry in advance ---- I was out for a walk with Booker earlier this Spring and I think I told you that he ate almost everything he found on the ground, and unfortunately it included poop. He picked up a large pile and I went to trying to get it out of his mouth. I was able to get most out but this was only making him try to woof it down even faster. I let him go and he stood for a bit, but then suddenly – just keeled over with a thud! I was shocked and so scared, I figured a piece went down his air pipe and was stuck and he was unable to breathe. I picked him up – and he was like a dead weight in my arms – and placed my hands under his chest and kind of tossed him up a bit so that his chest landed hard on my hands. It seemed to work, the lump came right out, it had gotten soft and was foamy. Everything happened so fast and it came out so easily so I was unsure if it really had been stuck and if what happened really happened. He was a little dazed after that but responsive and I carried him home. So thanks to you and House Paws for the chance for me to learn how to save Booker, it gave me a few more months with him.

Heather K. - Professional Photographer & Pet Parent:  "thank you Lori for great great event.. I really enjoyed being around so many people that love animals and just want them to live the best lives that we can provide for them.... I can't wait to go through all 600 pictures.. wow what day.. !!!"

Michelle M. - Professional Pet Sitter & Pet Parent:  "Thanks Lori, it was a great afternoon. You put a lot of hard work into it. I really enjoyed all the speakers."

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