Title - Register SPOOKtacular Pets

Register for the Spooktacular Pets
of the Palmyra Halloween Parade
How many pets / children attending?
Names of Pet(s) and Human Child (ren)
Breed/species of pet? Age of children (For purposes of prizes)
Are you dressing as a Randall's Rescue Kitty? Volunteers indicate: VOLUNTEER
Parent's or Your Name:
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Is your pet afraid of a camera flash? Photos are before / during parade.
Do you have a standard leash? No retractable leashes permitted.
Additional information you'd like to share about your beloved pet(s) child (ren):
How did you hear about the Spooktacular Pets in the Parade?
This event is only for VERY animal- and people-friendly pets who walk safely and under your control on a leash. The crowd is large, lots of children, some animals along the street. We may hear music and people do make a fuss over our pets! : )
Please type your name below indicating you're aware and give permission for your picture to be included with parade photos. If you do not want photos taken, please indicate below and be sure to check in so we may respect your wishes.

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