Early Disease Recognition

Recognizing common disease 
processes are crucial to keeping your 
pet safe.  Educate yourself on the most common contagious and zoonotic 
diseases that can affect your pet
and how to prevent them.

Vaccination Protocol - Determining 
What your Pet Needs

Join Lisa Aumiller, DVM, for a frank discussion about current AAHA core and non-core vaccine recommendations for canines and felines.  We will address 
why veterinarians are recommending different vaccine protocols and which protocols you should consider to protect yourself and your pet.  

HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service Mt. Laurel
Dr. Dana Koch

Animal First Aid/CPR

Would you know what to do if your pet is unresponsive or choking? 
Learn skills to save your pet in a 
life-threatening emergency until veterinary care is received. 

Russell Howe-Smith PetPT Rehab Cherry Hill  Pet PT
Dr. Russell Howe-Smith

Regenerative Medicine:  
Stem Cell Therapy, Prolotherapy, 
Platelet Rich Plasma

Old Dog, New Tricks: Regenerative 
Medicine provides new therapeutic 
options for senior pets.

Dr. Kimberly Hammer, Head of
All-Volunteer Blood Bank

Heroes Come in All Forms - 
NorthStar VETS Blood Bank 

Have you ever wondered what would 
happen if your dog or cat needed blood?  
Where does this blood come from?  
Canine and feline blood donation: what 
types of patients need blood; what 
does the process involve?

Dr. Judy Morgan

Food is the Foundation of Life

Do you know which foods are best for your pet? Learn the pros and cons of different food formulations. Learn recipes for home cooking, which foods are best, and how to balance a home cooked diet. Learn how to treat illnesses and disease with food instead of medication.

Christine Nolan

Building a Strong Lifelong Bond 
with your Dog

Gaining your dog's unconditional trust 
and respect is paramount. Taking the time to patiently and consistently teach your dog is the key to gaining your dog's respect. Establishing this relationship with your dog, setting rules, limitations, and boundaries will ensure a happy, healthy and
harmonious relationship 
together that will last a lifetime.

 Dawn & Tori

Did you know therapy dogs come in all 
shapes and sizes?  Find out everything you need to know about having your 
dog become a Furry Angel Therapy Dog!
Megan Ventura, CPDT-KA, CBATI 

Myth Busting Cat Behavior:  Debunking
Common Cat Behavior Legends

Do cats potty outside the litter box 
out of spite? Isn't marking the
same thing as peeing?  Are cats really untrainable?  Are cats and dogs truly
enemies?  Learn the answers behind
these cat legends and more!

Tori Lattig

Myth Busting Cat Behavior:  Debunking 
Common Cat Behavior Legends
Do cats potty outside the litter box 
out of spite? Isn't marking the 
same thing as peeing?  Are cats really 
untrainable?  Are cats and dogs truly 
enemies?  Learn the answers behind 
these cat legends and more!