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Proactive Integrative Wellness Practitioner 
She focuses on the three pillars of health: Species Appropriate Nutrition, Resilient Frame & Organ System and a Balanced Immune System. See videos and articles including nutrition, importance of exercise, Do's & Don'ts of vaccinations, alternatives to toxic drugs and pest preventives, animal behavior, instructional videos on how to brush your pet's teeth and much more. 

Do you have a concern about your pet's food?  Has food or a treat sickened your pet or caused their death?  
You MUST report any issue to the FDA for action to be taken. Talking about it on social media and reporting to Consumer Affairs will not help in having an investigation initiated! It must be reported to the FDA. If you have health records, samples, necropsy report, that all supports your claim and helps other pets.

Planet Paws Pet Nutrition Blog - Rodney Habib

"Our blog posts are meant to help stimulate your critical thinking when it comes to the health and nutrition of our furry companions." - Rodney Habib, Pet Nutrition Blogger


From Needles to Natural Dr. Judy Morgan, Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan "Diet is incredibly important in keeping your pet healthy and even treating conditions.  Unfortunately diet is commonly overlooked by many dog and cat owners. Learn how diet can change your pet's health and behavior today.

Thank you, Dr. Morgan, for presenting an informative lecture at South Jersey's 2nd Annual Pet Wellness Symposium in 2015 on "Food is the Foundation to Life."

How long does dry kibble stay fresh?
  I love everything Rodney Habib writes… always finding it extremely informative and sometimes overwhelming.  But this was surprising to learn dry kibble, even in its original bag and sealed tightly will only last for 2 weeks!

GGC Healthy Paws, LLC All Natural Dog Treats Made in the USA with Human Ingredients
Thank you, GGC Healthy Paws, for providing your delish healthy treats for doggies at South Jersey's Annual Pet Wellness Symposiums and the  
Spooktacular Pets of the 
Palmyra Halloween Parade!

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