Lost & Found Pet Resources

Local Facebook Groups

Post a sign on your property with a large photo of your pet… and written in big, bold letters "LOST  CAT " or "LOST DOG" with a contact number that someone can be reached 24/7.

So many kitties have been lost recently. Please DO NOT leave food outside!!! Unless you are trapping or monitoring 24/7 with night vision, you very likely will attract other animals, not know who is eating the food, and put your pet in danger. It sounds terrible, but you want your pet to be hungry and have reason to come to you for help.  If they have a food source, they will come out only in the middle of the night when it's dark and quiet, eat, then retreat to hiding. 

Overturn and uncover anything where they may hide.  Leave it uncovered and search very close to home with a flashlight, looking for the reflection of their eyes, even in the daylight, underneath sheds, cars, bushes, etc.  Cars, boats, outdoor furniture with covers are great hiding spots.  

Look for paw prints in the dirt, any loose fur around the fences or bushes, depressions in the grass along the side of the house, fence lines  etc., where they may have been scurrying. Ask neighbors if "you" can check their garages, sheds, and physically search around their property, not just relying on someone seeing your cat. 

Hand out flyers to all neighbors, hang them along the street, and in highly trafficked areas in the public such as Wawas, post offices, businesses, etc.  Post on social media and search for "found" cats.  Facebook has many sites to post and search for lost & found pets.  
Call your pet sitter and ask them to notify vets, retail stores, other pet sitters, rescues, shelters and include photos recent photos.  If your pet is microchipped, contact the company immediately and ask them to send out a lost kitty notice. Some will only provide that service if an annual fee is paid. It is minimal, and I highly recommend signing up for that as they  notify all shelters and possibly vets within 50 miles and all subscribers also receive emails with your kitty's photo and information.  

Tell everyone you speak to.. and never give up!  The moment you give up may be the last chance you have in bringing your beloved kitty back home. 

Tell your mail carrier... they are very familiar with the pets in the area and see everything.

Contact the local police departments and file a missing pet report so they have your name and contact info if someone calls saying they found a pet which resembles yours.   

Pet Detective,Kim Freeman finds lost cats!!!

Put an orange collar on your kitty so if they escape, people will know he/she is an indoor kitty that has gotten out! 

Facebook Pages to Post Lost/Found Pets