I’ve Got the ‘Scoop’!, LLC, announces...


A Kitty Sponsorship Series helping cats with special needs, seniors and fragile kitties in most desperate need to KiSS! their cages and life in rescue goodbye!

For some, cats it may be the first time they have a home and family, a soft bed of their own, know love and experience freedom!!! For others, it may be they lost their family due to death or illness, financial hardship, change in living arrangements… but to absolutely no fault of their own!!! And, they, too, shall KiSS! the horrible confinements and stress of suddenly being forced to live in a cage or being one of many cats living together, goodbye!!!

Giving back to the “animals” in celebration of my winning 
"The Best" Pet Sitter & Dog Walker, Burlington County, in the Best of 2015 Burlington County Times. Thank you!!!

How does the KiSS! Program Help Homeless Kitties?

Sponsoring Adoption Fees - Families Do Not Pay Adoption Fees! Some Kitties Go Home w/ Gifts.
Providing Exposure for Homeless Kitties to Help them Find a Loving Family
Promoting Awareness to the Work of Amazing Volunteer Non-Profit Rescues and No-Kill Shelters
Finding a Home for One Kitty Saves at Least Two Lives from the Streets of Danger and Starvation, by Making Space for Another Cat and/or a Litter of Kittens
Reducing Overpopulation and Disease - All Kitties Sponsored are Spayed, Neutered, Vaccinated & 
 have Received Veterinary Care
Donating Items Needed to Sustain and Enrich the Lives of Homeless Cats
Sponsoring and/or Donating Items to Assist with Fundraising
  Seeking Sponsors to Expand KiSS! and  Increase the Number of Kitties Assisted 
Who May Apply for Sponsorship?

Non-profit 501(c) 3 Local South Jersey Animal Charities

Non-profit 501(c) 3 Local South Jersey Animal Shelters and Rescues 

Are you our next Featured “Sponsor” of KiSS! Kitties?

Businesses Can Help Save the Lives of Desperate Homeless Cats by Becoming a Sponsor
Individuals Can Help Save the Lives of Desperate Homeless Cats by Becoming a Sponsor
The KiSS! Program’s Goal is to Reduce the Number of Homeless Cats, Help Find Loving, Forever Homes and Facilitate Adoptions by Sponsoring the Fees.
Each Kitty's Flyer Indicates their Sponsor and is posted on Various Social Media Platforms by the KiSS! Program and the Rescue / Shelter Caring for the Kitty, Sent Via Direct Email, Included in Blog Posts on PetsitUSA.com, the Patch, Distributed in the Community, Posted on the KiSS! Program’s Web Page  Facebook Page.
Donations are Tax-Deductible as the Recipients are all Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 Charities.
Please Contact me @ (856) 906-7111 or by email @ IveGotTheScoop@yahoo.com to Become a Sponsor or to apply if you have a Kitty in Need of Sponsorship.

Please share this information to help Jellybean & Eloise find homes. Click here to see our other kitties waiting to KiSS! their cages and life in rescue goodbye!!!  
Thank you, Lori 

Adopt Jellybean, homeless kitty at Lynn's Animal Rescue in Marlton

Thank you to the generous sponsors of our


I encourage you to visit the sites of the wonderful rescues and shelters the KiSS! program is currently supporting and see the many sweet, loving homeless kitties waiting to go find a special family… is that you?

Lynn's Animal Rescue Marlton  Cat Rescue & DogsFriends of Burlington County Animal Shelter  FOBCAS

Randall's Rescue Mt. Laurel