KiSS! Kitties waiting to go home
 & KiSS! life in rescue goodbye!!!

Our 6th KiSS! Kitty is Beautiful Lady Eloise…

Beautiful lady Eloise, about 10 yrs old, abandoned in her litter box at a dumpster, then frantic the next day not knowing what to do, all alone with nothing - no family/food/water/shelter because her litter box was thrown away! She was starved, emaciated, covered in fleas & malnourished. Even after being abandoned she is very sweet! Likely mistreated, she gets upset if you walk by too fast or touch her back end with your feet; she was probably kicked. Eloise has gained about 2 lbs – you can’t feel her back bone anymore! She loves to lay on her comfy beds & her cat tree, likely, more comfort than she's ever known. Safe, warm, dry, a full belly, most of all – loved. Eloise’s adoption fee is paid. She’s spayed, up to date with shots, microchipped, and ready to go home… soooooo deserving of a happily-ever-after and loving, caring family of her very own!  Help Eloise KiSS! rescue life goodbye!!!  

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Our 5th KiSS! Kitty is Gorgeous Tiger - 
info to be posted about this loverboy shortly!

Email lynnsanimalrescue@gmail.com to adopt Tiger!

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Our 2nd KiSS! Kitty is Jellybean...

a Beautiful Black Bombay Big Boy who lost his family when his Daddy died. Jellybean is now living in a cage until he KiSS!es Lynn’s Animal Rescue goodbye!!! Jellybean is good with other cats and enjoys going outside “safely” with his family to get some fresh air. Email lynnsanimalrescue@gmail.com to adopt Jellybean!

Our Generous Sponsor for Jellybean is Professor Daniel Rosenthal, 5-Star Rated Tutor in Palmyra… Helping junior high students through professional students excel and achieve their academic goals! Dan also donates 10% of your tutoring fees to a non-profit charity of your choice. See sponsor page

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