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Palmyra's Professional Pet Sitter... Lori Genstein, Resident and Licensed Business in the Borough of Palmyra, Registered with the State of NJ and Federal Government, Insured, Cleared Background Checks

Award-Winning  Pet Sitter... 
Recommended by Veterinarians, Animal Rescues, Trainers, Pet Parents, Pet Sitters and Pet Professionals 

Best Dog Walker Palmyra Pet Sitter Cinnaminson Riverton

National Business of the Year, NAPPS 2015 - I've Got the 'Scoop'!

It is an honor to be a recipient of NAPPS Pet Sitting Business of the Year, recognized by my pet parents and colleagues!  I owe this prestigious achievement to my pet parents for welcoming me into their homes, furry babies for their love and trust and my professional mentors.

Professional Pet Sitter Magazine  Click  for article

Building a bond of mutual love and respect with your beloved pet… providing enrichment, an 
abundance of affection, the highest level of professionalism and quality of preventative, skilled care... promoting and maintaining your furry babies as my own happy, healthy, contented lovies in your absence  

Achieving excellent results alleviating fear and anxiety, raising pets' confidence through guidance, direction and positive reward, the most effective reward to encourage and motivate "your" pet.  Most importantly, offering on-going parent support and education for you, to effectuate ahappy-happy for pet and parent!  : ) 

Please see "Families' Own Words" for a voluminous amount of outstanding testimonials and shining references.

NJ CERT Program Office of Emergency Management
Dan's and my graduation 
from Burlington County CERT, County Emergency Response Team, operating under the Office of Emergency Management. Wonderful to know we're able to help friends, family, neighbors, and, most importantly, my furry families, in the event of a disaster or emergency!!! 
Continuing training I became a member of Burlington CART County Animal Response Team

Accommodating families' daily routines, flexible    schedules, vacations, extended visits and as-needed 
providing all aspects of Pet Love, Enrichment and Care.

Comprehensive care for your beloved pet is
provided by Lori personally. Visits also include, but are not limited to the following: Nail trims, brushing hair, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, light grooming, collection of urine/fecal samples, post-surgical care, blood glucose monitoring, medications, injections, fluids administered. 

ALL services are inclusive, at NO additional charge, 
if able to be provided within the requested length of visit.  

Services are provided with respect, patience, 
and compassion while your furry babies receive 
an abundance of love and affection, endless 
petting, hugs and kisses, along with their feedings, 
playtime, walks, exercise, snuggles and cleanup.  

If meeting new friends may cause stress for your pet, 
or they simply prefer to have their own space and the 
hands-on care and pampering would not be ideal, that 
certainly shall be respected.  Please understand the presence of a human, hearing a sweet voice,
having companionship, are desired and quite essential to your beloved pet's well-being in your absence! 

I strive to provide all your furry baby 
may need, promoting safety and prevention, proper 
nutrition, exercise,maintain their health and wellness and a happy, enriched pet... so all that's required of 
you after a long day, business trip, or vacation, is 
to relax and snuggle with your furry or feathered 
companion and enjoy some quality time together.  
How PAWSOME is that!!! 

I've Got the 'Scoop'!, LLC, Ani,al First Aid / CPRCeritifiied
I've Got the 'Scoop'! Insured Pet Sitter Palmyra

Have peace of mind knowing I am certified by the American Red Cross  in Pet First Aid & CPR, insured and clear annual background checks!

My primary areas of interest include: nutrition, preventive health and wellness, renal disease, diabetes, providing guidance for parents and encouragement to help animals overcome their fears and anxiety. My heart has an extra special place for furry babies with special needs and those requiring medical care… you've found me or have been referred for a reason!  : ) 

Following are professional associations of which I am 
proudly a member... each facilitating continued education 
and ongoing research, empowering me with knowledge and skills to provide exemplary care for your beloved pets.

PetsitUSA NAPPS PUPS PSI Professional Pet Sitter Associations
CART Burlington County Animal Response Team

Cell:          1 (856) 906-7111     

Palmyra's Professional Pet Sitter

Visits: First begins at 9:30 am Last ends by 9:00 pm
Calls & Text Messages: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm  My ringer is off during visits but I will respond throughout the day as quickly as possible. 

My pet parents may contact me anytime for EMERGENCIES,

To ensure my furry babies receive proper care and the 
attention they require, I limit the number of visits on my schedule each day. Arrangements may be made for early a.m. and late p.m. visits; however, additional fees apply.  
There are NO additional charges for holidays or weekend 
visits scheduled between 9:30 am and 8:00 pm.

Additional fees shall apply if emergency medical transport is required and/or vet visits are requested during care.