2015 Spooktacular Pets of the Palmyra Halloween Parade!!!
Lori Genstein - Best Pet Sitter & Dog Walker Burlington County Times

512 Main St. Riverton, NJ 08077  The address is to the house immediately next to the lot.  You can park right in the lot where we are meeting… but it fills up quickly! it's the Borough of Riverton Parking Lot - Historic Preservation Area 

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Spooktacular Pets Palmyra Halloween Parade 2013 Nurse Amy Monty Franklin
I've Got the 'Scoop'! Palmyra Halloween Parade  Charlee!
Click here for Photos of Spooktacular Pets of the 2013 & 2014 Palmyra Halloween Parades

Palmyra Halloween Parade 2014 I've Got the 'Scoop'!

Pets in the Palmyra Halloween Parade

Bow 2 Wow Mobile Groomer Palmyra Halloween Parade

Kids love the pets in the parade!

Prizes, Medals, Halloween WAG BAGS, GGC Healthy Treats & more!

Please fill out the registration form below if you wish to march with us, your doggie to receive a WAG BAG and enjoy some town-wide safe, FREE, spooky, mischief-night fun... at the Palmyra Halloween Parade there's laughs and fun and great time for everyone!!! 

How many pets are attending? How many children / ages?
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Breed: ALL Friendly pets are welcome! (For purposes of giveaways / prizes)
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If your pet has any dietary restrictions, please note them and I'll arrange to have special treats.
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Do you have a standard leash? Indicate if you'd like to borrow one. No retractable leashes permitted.
How did you hear about the Spooktacular Pets in the Parade?
I love all animals, but please understand this event is only for animal- and people-friendly pets who walk well on their leash. There'll be a very large crowd, a lot of children and maybe other pets along the street watching. If your pet requires a private trick or treat, please advise me and we'll arrange that so they do not miss out on the treats! : )