Title - 2014 SYMPOSIUM
South Jersey's 1st Pet Symposium -
$1,060 raised to support animals of 5 local Nonprofit 501(c)3 No-kill Animal Rescues receive medical care! 

My extreme gratitude to the governing body of Palmyra:  Mayor Karen Scheffler, Borough AdministratorJohn Gural, and Town Council,  for unanimously passing Resolution No. 2014-72, allowing the Symposium to go forward!!!  See Resolution No. 2014-72

PRESS from 2014:

"Burlington County Times" 
Video  Credit - Steven Hart
Photographs  ( 7 )  Credit - Dorann Weber

Examiner.com  Credit - Susan Stokes, NJ Animal Rescue Examiner

NJ.com  Article  Credit - Karen Fazio, PDT

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                                                                                                                      TOPICS AND SPEAKERS               Click below for directions

Acupuncture/Cold Laser Therapy: 
Lisa Aumiller, DVM - HousePaws Mobile 
Veterinary Service

Animal First Aid/CPRDana Koch, VMD  
HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service

Physical Therapy/Rehab
Russell Howe-Smith, MS, VMD - PetPT
What is Veterinary Specialty Medicine?:  
Daniel Stobie, DVM, MS, Diplomate, 
American College of Veterinary 

Pet Nutrition - FAQ Myths:
Martha G. Cline, DVM, Diplomate, 
American College of Veterinary Nutrition  
Red Bank Veterinary Hospital

The Human/Dog Bond - How to 
Build/Maintain Healthy Relationships with our Dog: Karen Fazio, The Dog Super Nanny

Importance of Using a Professional Pet Sitter:  
Lori Genstein - I’ve Got the ‘Scoop’!

Pet Trusts, How to Provide for your Beloved
Pet when you Pass:  Timothy J. Rice, Esquire 
Timothy Rice Estate and Elder Law Firm

Massage and the Whole Dog:  
Lisa Madison, Certified SAMP - V-Crest                         



All proceeds donated to local  animal rescue groups!!!

Do you have the knowledge and skills to intervene if your pet was unconscious or choking, know how to locate their pulse before administering CPR? YOUR actions could be the difference between life and death, until veterinary care is received. 

Attend the symposium and EMPOWER yourself with knowledge and the skills to save your beloved pet's life in an emergency… learn how to read pet food labels, recognize contributors and consequences of obesity, the benefits of feeding a raw diet, and understand the myths of pet nutrition. Gain the ability to make informed, better decisions regarding your pet's care, by learning about natural treatment options and noninvasive modalities such as acupuncture, cold laser therapy, physical therapy, and massage, to improve the quality of your pet's life! 

Learn about Veterinary Specialty Medicine, How to Build/Maintain Healthy Relationships with your dog, and have your questions answered by a behavioral consultant. An attorney will explain Pet Trusts and providing for your beloved pet when you pass. 

Join us for a day of Interactive Lectures and Demonstrations by Expert Veterinarians and Esteemed Pet Professionals, facilitating an informative day of community outreach and education for pet parents, pet sitters, fosters, rescues, shelters, and anyone working with and/or loving animals. 

Everyone shall enjoy live, hands-on demonstrations and lectures, in small groups, and have an opportunity to speak with some of the most respected veterinarians in NJ!! 

Your symposium experience shall begin by receiving the warmest welcome by:  The "FURRY ANGELS" a local chapter of BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL THERAPY DOGS - Meet their wonderful therapy dogs and find out how your precious pet can become certified.                            

Also providing demonstrations and speaking to attendees at tables around the Community Center:

Louis WhalinVet Tech - HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service:   Routine Grooming your Pets Need.  Learn about the importance of brushing teeth, clipping nails, and have all of your grooming questions answered.

Burlington CART (County Animal Response Team) - Disaster Preparedness and MicroChipping   
Debra Bjorling, Hamiilton Pet Meadow, discussing Pet Loss and Providing Grief Counseling to anyone wishing to discuss the loss of their beloved pet

100% of the money raised shall be donated to the selected 501(c) 3, Non-Profit, NO-KILL Animal Charities below… to help them continue making miracles happen!!! 

Animal Adoption Center
All They Need Is Love Animal Rescue
Lynn's Animal Rescue
Randalls Rescue
Paw It 4ward Foundation Rescue

Thank you to our extremely generous, main sponsor, HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service for making this informative community outreach day dedicated to animal lovers possible!!! 

The list of wonderful sponsors and contributors is growing!!!!  Additional huge thanks to our talented event photographer, Valerie Bruder Photography, who will be donating her time and excellence to photograph the event; Networks Plus for their ongoing technical assistance; Cinnaminson Pet Valu, for their incredible sponsorship and giveaway products; VERY GENEROUS sponsors, ALL DOGS POOP Dog Waste Removal Service, and GGC Healthy Paws LLC; Chesterfield Veterinary Clinic; Kaplan, Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporting and Litigation Support; and Access Printing, Inc., for their quality printing and outstanding customer service!!!